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Monday, 23 December 2013

Dancing on the Ice

hey! i think you all know my hobby is skating. rather its ice skate or roller skate.  yeah its my hobby.. being on ice is just funnnn. i cant tell you how much i love skating! here's a (lot) picture of me skating.. some of it is candid so ignore my pose heheh.

                                                        yeah thats is. keep doing what           you like to do, be happy for yourself 
and increase your talent.

see you on my next post!☃


  1. shirieen umurnya berapa sih? kok ada foto yg keliatan mudaaa bgttt tapi ada juga foto yg kayak udah 17 tahunan

  2. Mashaallah, calon pidadari d surga

  3. Subhanallah, cantiknya 😘😍

  4. keren foto2nya. salam dari

  5. Kak shireenz sdo selanjutnya di cikarang dong please
    Kak shir cantik bgt minta id line dong