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Monday, 16 July 2012


     I went to PIM! and just took  pictures:)

Belt! *lol
                                                           This  what i wear!
                                   ~Zara Polka Hijab
                                   ~(i dounno where i buy that shirt) Green Lace
                                   ~Guess Long gold Shirt
                                   ~Guess Gold pants:)
                                   ~Levi's Red shoes!

x Pose x

                                                                                                   I LOVE IT            

Dian Pelangi and SisterHood Hijab Bazaar!

 on my way to FX!!!
                                                             Bought a Book from Dian pelangi!

                                                                                                          Me with Mom on a Photo Booth:)
                                   This book is such an inspiration!!!!!!! THX mom!      

XTRA AMAZING NEWS: I BOUGHT A HEELS!!!!!!!!!!!!! its not like the other kids heels!!!! its for a teenage but fit in my foot!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!

Thx all!!! 

Sunday, 15 July 2012


 THIS IS ME:)x I'm ugly;p 
                             This is me With my LOVELY GRANDMA..... I'm visiting my Uncle.. his name is dimas and i love that place:)