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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Nagia And Shirieen

                                                                  Nagia & Shirieen
Hi :) its me and shirieen! we're the closest Best Friend, Darin and Inan Best friend! 
We love Music.. Fashion... and all the thing about girls! like accessories and clothes. We were 10! 
and when we go to mall together, we go to college shop... ha ha it just for fun "And See Trends" Now Korean style is the most popular.. we make our style Korean but we design more confident! Shirieen and me just like spending time to play.. go together and mix and match clothes! We love all that thing! even we have blog! we still go to to play! there many clothes we see! ha ha.. 


Sunday, 5 February 2012

School and Me

                                                                                Hi all.....
For me school it just like where we study! But, i Cant styling with clothes i want to wear! 
Very tough to search clothes that i wanna wear.. well i just hate it I WANNA STYLING.. but for me school is fun having friends very niceyy...... Fashion + True Friends = Thats Me! 

Shirieen's Style

The Elegant one!

Lil bit of Korean girl!


Village Girl! 

Suite style <ORD> 

Suite style <Kingdom version>


Simple but sweet!

The nerd and the geek! 

Pose! Sweeties!

Rock Colour! 

                                                           MY PERSONAL STYLE
My personal style is just like : Rock swagger! 
                                                    : Simple but Suite
                                                    : Tomboy style
                                                    : Feminime
                                                    : Rock colour 
                                                    : Suite style <Kingdom Version>
                                                    : Suite Style <Ord> 
                                                    : Korean girl
                                                    : Village Girl 
                                                    : Nerdy and Geek <Glasses>
                              That's all My Style and wanna see the pic? Here i have some 

Tomboy style guys! 

 lil bit of Korean girl!

Village Girl! haha..

Suite style <Kindom Version>

here some Suite style <ord>

its Rocky swagger!

its Simple but Suite 

Some Pose i see!

here some nerd and geek style! 

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hey everybody! this is one of my favorite music video! That style was very mery awesome! 

More info and video :

♬♪♫♩♬ Music For Everyone! ♬♩♫♪♬

Saturday, 4 February 2012

BFF For!

                                                                    BFF Diary' 
Did you have any Best friend? i Have♪ 

She's my partner' We' Were so Tight৲ even my Class mates was so jealous with my BF haha^^ 
One Day we had a Problem "Serious Problem" she acting like she mad of  me☌ I was Very sad ☹ she didnt wanna play with me> at one celebration on my GrandMa house <she's one of my family> its a big celebration* But she Play with the others and if i wanna join they leave〪

Mom said only speak with her and we will be peace like usuall☢ 
I was so scared❀ after a few Days she send m,e a massage on facebook 
That telling she was so sorry about that night⚈

Honest and trust THAT'S WHAT BFF IS♥

Style You Need! ☝

              rocky styling 
Rocky style need a confident! just like Confident with style you choose...
Here some tips:

T-Shirt: Zebra  Extras: Red Vest 
Pants  : Flickering Leggins
Accesories: Necklace and bracelet 
Shoes  : Black Sneakers 
Makeup : Natural Hair: Short Curly

So Easy Right.. just mix and match all Old chlotes you Need! with that famous Will comes to youᵜ

Xoxo there....

Bella Thorne ;) ✪
Zendaya Coleman B) ✪
Guys.. School is not too fun if we wear a uniform, But After School! Hang out with friends! thats the point! 
Pose You Need! 𝄞
Watch your style From Hair to foot! it is match? or not? Just Wear Style that you comfort wear it!