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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Last Bandung Trip

soooo! its been soooo long. and im back hehe. so im just gonna share a few photos when i was in Bandung December 2013. i go there with all of my family! i had so much fun!!! its very cold in there and there's a lot of cool places to check out. 
my most fun experience is when we go to the top of the mount on the first night, and check out an art gallery which has a cafe and a view that really amazed me, also the second night when we visit a cafe which locate on the top of the mount too. it was very cold but the view was breathtaking. and the last day we go to a country play side, i had lots of fun too, its very amazing.

overall, it was really fun because i love to seeing beautifull places and view and all that stuff which is very "Rare" in Jakarta. i had lots of fun<3
thanks for reading this! and you might wanna check out <3

Monday, 23 December 2013

Dancing on the Ice

hey! i think you all know my hobby is skating. rather its ice skate or roller skate.  yeah its my hobby.. being on ice is just funnnn. i cant tell you how much i love skating! here's a (lot) picture of me skating.. some of it is candid so ignore my pose heheh.

                                                        yeah thats is. keep doing what           you like to do, be happy for yourself 
and increase your talent.

see you on my next post!☃

Saturday, 14 December 2013

The Wonderfull World Of SHIREEENZ

One Year Ago, i start going awayyyyy from my blog because i have to focus to my 6th Grade.. but then i still continue playing Instagram.. one year ago, last night exactly.. my Instagram Page got more followers because of Kak Dian Pelangi.. and the amazing is ... Today.. i launch my book... and one of the inspiring lady to Now will sit next to me.... so my book launch i'll continueeee my Blog again... so keep updated guyssss cause i'll be around..... and Don't forget to buy my books.... Big Hug...♥

so this is a little bit about my book 


so thats it! see the other pages hopefully with my book in your hand!
thankyou seeyou in my next post♥☀

Wednesday, 11 December 2013


this is my most favorite style, black, white and pink i dont know it just match:) im just loving all of the background in ↓ very very cool to take a snap.. thats all i can say for today, not much but its 11.12.13 so the date makes this day unique so yaaaa. see my style ⬇


Thankyou guys!☀

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

a chevron scarf

hey there! i've been enjoying myself quite few times on my sisters bedroom.. by watching movies in my laptop, and when it rains, i got more cozy and very very lazy to move. 
so here its is, if youre very lazy to get dressed, heres something very easy to wear.
♥a black jeans ( must have!)♥
♥a cute plain shirt that has a little detail on it♥
♥and a printed/pattern scarf that matches your shirt♥
♥for shoes, flat shoes is veerrryy simple and nice♥


 Zhaaanks! see you on my next post!☮

Monday, 9 December 2013

Pop Art !

Hey! Monday means... back to school, yup. 1 more week till my final semester test, wish me luck! 
any way, for maybe all of you who done your test, well done. i heard theres a lot of people who's sick right now.. because the weather isnt so great here in Jakarta.
                                so drink your vitamin!
                                Quick of my OOTD↓


oops i insert a selfie

have a lovely day!❤

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Happy Happy Day!

heeeey! its been such a long break from blogging, im on 7 grade now! i quit blogging when im on 6 grade because i need to focus to school, so yay! 

 its my outfit, im wearing a very oversized sweaters so.. 
and i found my book on Gramedia! dont forget to buy my book! 

                   its actually candid this one, im so happy and just excited because its meee!

have a nice day!